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FUTORO'S Fire Safety
Musical Story CD

futoro's fire safety musical story cd Only $ 11.95
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This exciting musical story teaches children the basics of fire safety through songs and story. Futoro, a fire fighter from the future, crash lands on earth, where he meets mom, dad, Johnny, and Allison. Using his magical musical 'ax,' Futoro teaches the family about fire safety, and tries to find a way back to his home planet. (Approximately 45 minutes)

FUTORO'S Fire Safety CD program guide:
(sample the highlighted songs)
  • 1. Prologue (futoro Leaves His Planet
  • 2. SONG: "Futoro Theme"
  • 3. Johnny and Allison Meet Futoro
  • 4. SONG: "Meet Me At The Tree"
  • 5. Dad Cooking Burgers
  • 6. SONG: "Stop, Drop, and Roll"
  • 7. Mom In the Kitchen
  • 8. SONG: "Crawling"
  • 9. Let's Go To Cave
  • 10. SONG: "Futoro Theme (Instrumental)"
  • 11. Inside The Cave
  • 12. SONG: "Two Ways Out"
  • 13. Matches Are Tools Not Toys
  • 14. SONG: "Don't Play With Matches"
  • 15. Allison Thinks
  • 16. SONG: "Smoke Detectors"
  • 17. Where's Futoro? Fire In Buggersville
  • 18. SONG: "Futoro Theme"
  • 19. BONUS SONG: "Seatbelts"
All songs © Peter Q. Smith

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